Combine a platinum/BMI award-winning dance music producer/remixer/musician, an internationally praised recording artist,and an innovative lyricist/musician and the result is KopaTechnic.Dance music has been evolving since its birth in the mid-80’s and nobody understands the evolution of such music like Rodney K. Jackson (R.K. Jackson) (Madonna’s”Love Don’t Live Here Anymore Remix [Triple Platinum Smash]”, RuPaul’s “Little Drummer Boy”, Cece Peniston’s “Finally”). Born in the era of disco and funky-style tunes, Jackson has forever been a believer in the celebratory message of dancing and what music can have on a person’s soul.

Billboard-charting vocalist Amber Dirks (Sister Sledge, Reflex Ft. Amber Dirks “Feel The Love”, DJ JST & Amber Dirks “Rejoice”, and Power 2 Move “Stepping Out”) offers her powerhouse vocals to the group and lyricist, Jimmie Alston, was more than willing to dedicate his skills and energy to the new project and itwas then that this trio became what is now KopaTechnic.

With the release of their latest single, “Giving Him”, the group offer a taste of what’s to come from Always- The Original Soundtrack. A story a a young diva that rises to the top of the industry and is seduced by power, only to be saved by a higher power.

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